The consulting to buy the best bandsaw

best-band-sawToday, using band saw to cut the foliage and tree trunk become more popular with users, so, the band saw is a tool to make it easier and more convenient. We often care about the efficiency as the same saving petrol, chainsaw machine is kind of band saw reviews in this year that is more option than a handsaw.

Cutting wood becomes easier with this band saw

To respond to the work and demand using it is more increasing, there’re many types of band saw to buy in the market, however, every type has a different function to service for others aim as well as the appearing of many producers and different brands that make a hard choice for user in buying a good product to use. How to choose and buy a quality and fit bandsaw?  In this article will guide and provide the necessary information that can help you buy an efficient band saw.

What is the purpose of using a band saw?

When buying a band saw, you need to identify the demand for the machine that is used for the family or   professional area, from that you can select  the kind of band saw with a suitable capacity:

For a professional band saw, we should choose the type of machine that has the high-capacity, strong and working all time (day and night). These are reliable quality series to perform the heavy work and to serve the customers with the strict requirements.

 For a using aim in the family, we should use a machine that has a small capacity, simple and low cost. Those patterns are easier using than the dedicated bandsaw

Which is band saw you should buy?

After determining the type of bandsaw that you want, choosing a reputable brand plus a warranty and quality assurance will help you assurance when using it. You should care about the time that it will warrant and where? How is a service attitude? If you buy it through the online form, you should read the comments of previous buyers and find out the functions that you want to buy.

One of the brands in the market, Stihl bandsaw is considered as the best bandsaw for sale in many recent years. It is the type of machine to cut twig and use gasoline to act. It is produced in Brazil following by the most advanced technology of Germany. It is widely using in agriculture and forestry area as cutting tree branches, tree, caring tree.  Along with, the European standards and prestige warranty, it is always voted a top head  product by consumers.

Some notes when checking and using band saw

  • When you define the brand and type of bandsaw that you want to buy, checking before buying and using it is essential to help you ensure the safety and convenience during using the bandsaw later.
  • If you do not have experience with using a bandsaw, you should select a light type to easily control.
  • You should pay attention to a few small details, for instance, selecting the band saw that you can replace easily the parts when it breaks or accessible to control the buttons. That will help us saving time and energy
  • Using it with the right skills always helps us safer and easier in the work

Source: band saw reviews by Baber Henry

Safe and effectiveness of using band saw


Safety rules when using band saw

In the operation process, it usually creates dangerous sparks for workers, so, in this band saw reviews will give you some following principles that you need to comply:

– Bring a personal labor protection: gloves, eyeglasses, .

– Make sure the machine always switched off in the case move a location and plug electricity

– Do not use it an explosive area

– Do not put it a nearly high temperature, lubricant or sharp objects

Using it right way

Using band saw to cut the metal

– Adjust the corner that you want to cut

– Keep tightly object to match with the size of work piece

– Hold on the handle and pull down slowly

– Cut the object with the same force

– Turn off and wait until the machine stops completely before moving it

Instruction keeps the work piece in the fixed condition

The object needs to keep tightly and stable one place that cannot throw or fire out during the operation process that can be dangerous the worker. You should not cut without clamping with the small objects, and a long work piece, it must be put a soft cotton to support the empty of the head.To clamp a stable object, at first, you put the work piece that rests on the corner, continues to turn the clamping screw on the material and closes to the work piece by the pink ear of clamp screw. Today, according to many people, the best band saw for sale is the Bosch because it’s affordable and fully functions as cutting round, square, rectangular, and variable shape of word L

 How to adjust the cutting angle

The band saw can adjust the cutting corner during the range from 0 ° to 45 ° by the blocking measure with the angle 7 and the appropriate graduations from 0 ° to 45 ° their positions are respectively located at the end stop to adjust the angle as a require, it’s simply losing screws of the gauge block 13 with the hexagon head key corner 14 (8 mm). Then, adjust the angle as you want and tight both locking screws 13 again as before.

How to preserve the band saw

Let’s use it as a right type and right with your application.

– After using the machine, you need to clean the inter dentally ventilation with the soft brush or use  regularly the blowers to blow clearly ventilation wind and  install an automatic circuit breaker  device

– Check in periodically to see the moving parts can be biased or jammed, cracked parts and other conditions can affect the operation of the machine. If it is broken, the machine must be repaired before use

– Preserve the cutting tools that have the cutting edge to reduce the trapped and easily to control.

Hopefully, with some information were shared that can help you using a machine and cutting object for higher productivity and have a good choice to find the best bandsaw for you!

The essential band saw tips and tricks

  1. Find the best blade0e5e657caccf78c9b1fc6d4d84951100

Band saw blade is one of the most important parts deciding the results of your products. Many people don’t really realize that find the suitable blades for different sawing tasks account for more than fifty percent of successful cuts. A little exact effort why selecting the right blade for band saw can create a better cuts as well as last your band saw longer. There are few basic things you should consider while you shop for the band saw blade: First, a gullet – the clearing gap between teeth; Second, the teeth spacing which expressed by teeth per inch; Final, the rake angle, the angle of the tooth face. Learn how to choosing the band saw blade here.

  1. Set up the right tension

Why not over tension? A steady tension on different tasks of work may create heavy stresses which leads to unexpected results such as: vibration, immature wear and even broken blade, therefore making your products being awful.

  1. Adjust the Blade guides

When the blade is set the right tension and properly tracking, there is some remaining tuning you need to take care of for variety of working tasks. Before you change anything on lateral guides and thrust bearings close to the blade, you should close the wheel covers, provide electricity and turn it on. Making sure that the blade track is at full speed mode, if not, adjusting the tracking setting as requires.

Observing the blade, make sure that the blade runs smoothly. If there is a vibration appeared, either increasing or decreasing the tension slightly until the blade runs smoothly.

Now, it’s time to bring your lateral blade guides and rear thrust bearings close to the blade. You can decide what you need to do, by the traditional way or a little modern way.

  1. Feed the right speed

Once you set up the aforementioned successfully, everything cannot go wrong-unless you feed it too slow or too fast or the blade get dirty or good. The low speed is good for cutting but it will make the blade wearing out much faster than it need to be. On other hand, the fast speed, the cuts can be wrong and very dangerous. Therefore, a right rate should be set up, slow enough to leave a smooth surface.

  1. Keep the band saw Clean

Leaving too many species of timber can cause rapid buildup of debris on the blade that leading to faster wear out of blade as well as your machine. Try to clean you band saw as regular as possible by using a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the debris. Put a couple of drop of oil to the gear and transmission when necessary to last your saw longer.